10 & 2 (& 1) on 10/2

On the second day of this tenth month of 2012, I’d like to say

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to my forever boyfriend and cupid!

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to my wonderful husband!

And Happy 1 Year Anniversary to our sweet little pup!

I am one incredibly blessed girl!

10, 2, & 1 years… where has the time gone? (Wedding Day photo via Fife Photography)

(I should have planned ahead a little better and had a bunch of Wedding Week posts ready! But, seriously, who am I to plan ahead…)

Until next time, love from the mr. & me!


3 Weeks!

OMG 3 weeks from today, we’re moving out of our first home together! Well, technically my parents and I will be moving the mr. and me out since mr. smartypants has orientation all week. It’s ok, we won’t hold it against him 🙂

I can’t believe we’ve been in our apartment for only 3 years, it feels like we’ve been there forever. So many big moments of our lives have happened while we called this place home. We got engaged only a month and half before we moved in and were married under a year and half later. This apartment has seen A LOT of wedding planning!

I started my “big girl” job while we lived here. We’ve been newlyweds here. We’ve had some rough times but we’ve had countless good times. We brought our little Charlie man home here on our first wedding anniversary.

We loved our apartment so much we convinced 2 of our best friends to move into the building (and being in only the first of their two year lease, no, they are not happy that we are moving out) I’m sorry, we’ll miss you guys!

We’ve experienced the HORRORS of having cockroaches fall from the ceiling, crawling in and out of the washing machine, stepping on them barefoot, oh I could list a few more examples but it’s giving me the heebee jeebies already! (I will never live somewhere that is hot and humid all year round, but I think we already knew that!)

We’ve also experienced the joys of truly learning to live on our own yet live with each other. The mr. is excellent sport when it comes to sharing the bathroom in the morning, and I’m working on being more relaxed when it comes to things like socks on the floor. You would think after having been together for 10 years already, there wouldn’t be much to learn about being together, but we have learned so much about each other and about ourselves in these last 3 years.

I will be sad to see this apartment go, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I will just have to keep thinking about the cockroaches as we continue packing up and move out to keep myself from getting too emotional over the whole thing.

I want to make sure I preserve something from our first home and I think this key frame project by Young House Love is the perfect way to do it. Now I just have to remember to hang onto my key!

YHL Key Frame

More craziness to come though. I’m traveling for work 2 of the next 3 weeks (eek!) and just 4 and 6 weeks until 4 of our friends get married! We’re in both of the weddings (we’re postponing moving into the new apartment by a day or 2 to be in the first one!). And, being me, I’ve procrastinated packing and really only have a few full days left to pack… well I just have to keep reminding myself it will all work out just fine, it always does. I just have to keep thinking positive thoughts and not let the stress get to me. I changed my phone background to a quote from Roald Dahl – “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” I’m not as concerned about looking lovely but I plan on thinking so many good thoughts, they will be shining out of my a**!!
Until next time, love (and craziness!) from the mr. and me!

Let’s Try This Again…

So that “regular” posting thing never picked up… oops…

Let’s start over, new name and new design! I like this much better. I chose the name R Love, R Life since, well, we are the R’s! And this blog is going to be “R” place to share what’s going on in “R” life as we start to shake things up a bit! And yes, I will try to stop saying “our” with an “R” after this sentence… no promises though.

This will be a short one, but I just wanted to pop back in while I was feeling inspired to post. Our great friends are getting married this weekend after a TWO year long engagement! It feels like we have been waiting for this day FOREVER and can’t believe it’s finally here. They are the sweetest couple and we couldn’t be happier for them!

Congratulations, Ed & Alissa!

I’ll be back soon with more posts, promise!

Until then, love from the mr. & me!

The First Breath

Today, Breathe & Smile is taking her first breath! Yippeee! Yahoooo! I’ve been inspired by so many wonderful ladies in blogland for so long now that my husband doesn’t find it at all odd when I refer to them in real life conversation. He’s been encouraging me to join in the conversation for awhile, but as with all things in my life, I like to take my time and really feel like I have a good handle on the whole story before I jump into something. I know this sounds silly since this is just a blog, and I’ll be lucky if even my husband reads it, but with all of the amazing and creative blogs out there, this is kind of a daunting and intimidating task.

I’m still gathering my thoughts on what topics I would like to post about, but the first step to posting is to actually start writing something, right?

Anyhoo, these are some of the topics that I think and talk about all the time in real life, so they’ll probably be the things that I will want to talk about here (and believe me, I can go on and on and on about these things)…

1. My hubby ❤ – Since we’ve known each other for, goodness, almost a decade (!), I spend a lot of my time thinking and talking about him! He’s a wonderful, funny, and loving man, I’m so very lucky to have him in my life.

2. My puppies, Maggie & Charlie – Maggie is a shih-tzu/poodle mix my parents and I adopted in February 2009. She was supposed to move to the big city with us but is enjoying life in the country with Grandma & Grandpa too much! Charlie is a 3yo long-haired dachshund the hubby and I adopted just about 6 weeks ago. He has so seamlessly integrated himself into our lives, it feels like we’ve had him his whole life.

3. Living in NYC – Although NYC is not my favorite place in the world by any means, it’s where I work and live, so I made a decision awhile ago to make the best of the situation and and do everything I can to enjoy this crazy town while I’m here, because it certainly won’t be forever. I do have to admit that, ironically, living in the “city that never sleeps” has really taught me to slow down and take the time to enjoy the simpler things in life.

4. My family, my friends, my life, the everyday – self explanatory?

5. Weddings! – This is probably one of my favorite things to talk about! Although I’ve already celebrated my 1-year anniversary with the hubs, I still love looking at all things wedding related and pretending I have 10 more weddings of my own to plan (it’s a lot more fun without a budget!). I also have a few friends and family members getting married and am lucky to also be in one of the weddings, so perhaps I’ll be able to organize my ideas for those brides a little better here instead of spewing ideas at them all the time.

6. Food – I’m by no means a professional chef or baker, but in my tiny kitchen, I like to pretend I am, so I’m sure some of that will spill over into my ramblings here.

6. Crafting, photography, and the miscellaneous creative endeavors I dream about taking during my long days of staring at excel spreadsheets.

I’m sure as I continue writing, this blog will take on a clearer direction, but it’s all about evolution, right? Letting things happen naturally and organically? And I promise I will learn how to make this place more aesthetically pleasing, the wonky pictures and generic theme are not exactly my cup of tea, but at least I started writing today 🙂

Remember to Breath & Smile!

❤ Amanda